Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Service


Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a set of codes required for evaluation of an engineer who applied for Australian Immigration. CDR Report is composed of Career Episode, Summary Statement, and Continuous Professional Development. For an authentic guidance in CDR Writing, you can trust our web source. You can find valuable information here regarding CDR Writing. We are providing our professional service in writing CDR report in vast disciplines of engineering that includes; CDR for Mechatronics Engineering, CDR for Mechanical Engineering, CDR for Electrical Engineering, CDR for Electronic Engineering, CDR for Chemical Engineering, CDR for Bio-Medical Engineering, CDR for Industrial Engineering, and many more. We are offering hassle free complete CDR preparation at cheap rates.


Why our CDR preparation services?

CDR Writing Services is the prime source in the successful CDR writing consultancy. We facilitate our customers with an outstanding and authentic CDR writing services which are standardized enough to meet the CDR assessment criteria. Our CDR preparation process runs smoothly by following the criteria and guidelines provided in MSA Booklet. This is basically to ensure the 100% success of our customers.


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Quality Competency Demonstration Report


Our error-free CDRs are designed and reviewed by our diligent team of professional experts. They go through the report with a properly administered process of review. The flawless CDRs prepared by the team of CDR Writing Services are normally gone through with the reviews of technical writers, experts of language, and quality enhancement department. The whole process is meant to ensure the standardization of our work. 


We are offering CDR preparation services in vast engineering fields that includes;


ü CDR for Mechanical Engineering

ü CDR for Mechatronics

ü CDR for Environmental Engineering

ü CDR for Chemical Engineering

ü CDR for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

ü CDR for Civil and Construction Engineering

ü CDR for Industrial Engineering

ü CDR for Bio-Medical Engineering

ü CDR for Quality Control


Plagiarism Free CDR Report


CDR Writing Services is the only portal where you can trust the authenticity of their work. We inculcate several plagiarism test strategies to ensure a plagiarism-free CDR to clients.


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 Knowledge Assessment Report (KA02)


What is Knowledge Assessment report (KA02)? It is a technical report (application) that is needed to approach the institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) for immigration to New Zealand for established a career as an Engineer and ICT Professionals over there. In the case of Washington accreditation of your academic institution, you need KA01 and KA02 in case inverse.


Writing a career-friendly and authentic KA02 report is such a tiresome job. It needs a variety of skills including an outstanding knowledge of the field of engineering, English language proficiency, excellent writing expertise, and skillful organization and representation of the contents of the writing. Focusing on the number of aspirants for immigration to New Zealand as Engineers the Skill Assessment criteria is getting more and more complicated day by day. 


Writing KA02 report is a technical process. Mostly engineers decide to write it on their own. Here we have some easy and useful chunks of instructions for those who are trying to write their KA02 by themselves. As a matter of convincing for the interested ones, we provide complete KA02 writing service for various engineering fields.


Here is the list of the KA02 we are offering our professional services to our customers:

ü KA02 for Civil Engineering

ü KA02 for Mechanical Engineering

ü KA02 for Electrical Engineering

ü KA02 for Chemical Engineering

ü KA02 for Bio Medical Engineering

ü KA02 for Computer Engineering

ü KA02 for Telecommunication Engineering

ü KA02 for Environmental Engineering

ü KA02 for ICT


We are striving to provide our customers best KA-02 and CDR Writing Service. Please drop us a line for getting the KA02 and CDR Writing Service.


ACS Recognition of Prior Learning


RPL for ACS applications are for those applicants who do not hold a recognized tertiary ICT qualification and who have a minimum of 6 years of closely related experience. is providing their professional service in writing a quality RPL Form as per the requirement of ACS. Our computer professionals who are competent in their field and have years of writing experience, put their effort in writing a successful plagiarism free report based on the information provided by you. CDR Writing Services writing team provides their complete guidance in completing the ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form. We are very confident about our service which we gained after years of experience in RPL for ACS.


RPL Application Categories

  • Applicants with a degree who do not meet ICT content are required 6 years ICT skilled employment in the field mentioned in occupation ANZSCO Code
  • Candidates with no tertiary qualifications are required an additional period of 2 years, ICT skilled employment


What we Offer?

We provide a comprehensive RPL writing service. We do not only guide you to write a complete RPL but also assure a 100% plagiarism-free work. For a successful RPL you need to attach your detail CV and a brief detail of two projects completed during employment. Both projects have different time period such as one project should be done within last 3 years and other one should not be later than 5 years. We have developed the key areas of knowledge from the ACS core body of knowledge to guide the applicants who do not have equivalent qualification but have spent enough period of time in professional level ICT employment and want to register for an ICT skill assessment via RPL assessment process.

ICT Occupations Contained within ANZSCO


135111 Chief Information Officer

135112 ICT Project Manager

135199 ICT Managers NEC

223211 ICT Trainer

225211 ICT Account Manager

225212 ICT Business Development Manager

225213 ICT Sales Representative

261111 ICT Business Analysts

261112 Systems Analysts

261211 Multimedia Specialist

261212 Web Developer

261311 Analyst Programmer

261312 Developer Programmer

261313 Software Engineer

261314 Software Tester

261399 Software and Application Programmer

262111 Database Administrator

262112 ICT Security Specialist

262113 Systems Administrator

263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer 263112 Network Administrator

263113 Network Analyst

263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

263212 ICT Support Engineer

263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer

263299 ICT Support and Test Engineer NEC

263311 Telecommunications Engineer

263312 Telecommunications Network


313111 Hardware Technician

313112 ICT Customer Support Officer

313113 Web Administrator

313199 ICT Support Technicians NEC

313211 Radio communication Technician

313212 Telecommunications Field Engineer

313213 Telecommunications Network Planner

313214 Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist

621211 ICT Sales Assistant