Major Flaws in CDR Preparation!

What are the reasons behind the rejection of a CDR?    

Despite the efforts made by an applicant there is a high risk of getting the CDR rejected. There can be several reasons of the denial. Sometimes the contents are not satisfactorily highlighted or are not technically elaborated. There can be the possibility of the mistakes of format. Sometimes the CDR is lacking somewhere in the pattern provided by Engineer Australia.

The points one needs to keep in mind while preparing CDR

Æ One should not copy and paste the material directly as it may cause the problem plagiarism

Æ Do not cross the word limits and focus on providing details about your involvement in the work rather than providing more literature and theoretical details

Æ All the sections should be written after a careful planning

Æ Summary Statement should provide summary of Career Episode by all means. There should not be exaggeration or unnecessary details in the section

Æ Continuous Professional Document should not be more than 1 page                                                                          


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