Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

MSA Booklet a perfect guide to write your CDR!

Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) booklet is a CDR writing guide issued by Engineers Australia, it contains all the details regarding the preparation of a quality CDR. By following the guidelines provided in MSA you can tackling each and every section of your competency demonstration report (CDR). But still there are lots of more elements in writing a perfect CDR which you can achieve with the help of our skilled writers. We followed MSA booklet and prepare your CDR as per the rules provided in it. That is why you can trust in writing your Competency Demonstration Report.

What is Career Episode?

Career Episode is the most important part of CDR and it needs to be carefully planned. It carries the basic credential information of an engineer applying for immigration to Australia as a professional engineer. It also carries the project information the applicant has been worked on in one’s specific field. It is essential to write three Career Episodes in CDR.

Sections of Career Episode

Æ Introduction

Æ Background

Æ Personal Engineering Activity

Æ Summary

Summary Statement

Summary Statement is a tabloid representation of your work which you presented in each Career Episode. Summary Statement is consisted of competency elements for the nominated occupational categories. After completing your three Career Episodes you are required to mention references of paras in Summary Stable justifying each element mentioned in it.

Continuous Professional Document (CPD)

CPD describes your learning activities both formally and informally which you performed after completing your Graduation studies in order to remain up to date with latest developments. CPD should be provided in the form of a table showing details including; title, duration, dates, and venue. 

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