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CDR Report

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) report is required by the Engineers Australia from those Engineers whose qualification is not Washington Accord

KA02 Report

Knowledge Assessment (KA02) Report is required by Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ). Get our best KA02 Packages

RPL Form

RPL Form is required by those who do not have ICT educational qualification. We provide you quality service in writing RPL form with guaranteed success

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Get our custom Professional Resume Writing Service at affordable price as per the format of Engineers Australia and IPENZ

Best cdr writing services for Australia immigration

Looking for cdr help? We have the most qualified team for cdr preparation at the most economical price.

What is competency demonstration report for Australia?

CDR is a short term of competency demonstration reports that is actually a requirement by engineers Australia to assess the technical capabilities of overseas engineers who want to pursue their engineering career in Australia. Cdr for Australia immigration reports are a way to check overseas engineers’ competency and qualifications not enfolded by Washington Accord

Basically, there are 5 ways for the applicants to proceed for migration skill assessment:

  • Apply through Competency demonstration report
  • Australian Qualification
  • Sydney Accord Qualification
  • Washington Accord Qualification
  • Dublin Accord Qualification

We are here to help you in cdr preparation services where you are not required to hire any agent. We are industry leaders and have number of successful cdr engineer Australia cases have already dealt with. Following are the engineering categories where our clients got success in the very first attempt without any hurdle:

  • Cdr report for civil engineer
  • Cdr for telecommunication engineer
  • Cdr for mechanical engineer
  • Cdr for electronic engineer

Not only this we also have cdr sample for civil engineer, sample cdr for telecommunication engineer, sample cdr for electronic engineer and sample cdr for mechanical engineer.

What is Washington Accord?

Washington Accord is a well-known international agreement among the various bodies who are responsible to recognize engineering programs. Washington accord is specifically established for the engineers to polish their engineering capabilities across the borders. Washington accord acknowledges the professional academic qualification of engineers that selected engineers are eligible to carry engineering activities in listed countries.

What documents are required to get cdr writing services?

Cdr report is not only a mere piece of paper but it includes a pile of documents professionally crafted by experts. If your documents are prepared weak and writing expression remains unfocused, there are maximum chances of Cdr engineering Australia rejection. Following documents are required to write a perfect cdr report for engineers Australia skill assessment:

  • A comprehensive resume to demonstrate your professional and educational qualification
  • A manuscript showing your command over English Communication skills such as IELTS
  • Evidence of employment
  • Three professionally crafted career episodes, CPD (Continuing professional development) and summary statement


What are the reasons behind Cdr engineering Australia rejection?

Cdr engineering Australia rejection can definitely be a shocking moment for an aspirant who has high dreams to pursue his/her career in a developed country. There are many reasons that directly or indirectly effect your cdr for Australia immigration. From documentation to employment, professional qualification to skill implementation and the most important cdr preparation. If you comply with all requirement, no one can stop you to boost your engineering career in Australia.

The major causes of cdr engineering Australia rejection are: lack of language proficiency and proper information about the format and sections of CDR/ KA02/ RPL. Get our cdr help of professional experts who don’t let you down just for the mere causes of language and formats. Our team is well versed with the latest formats and to prepare cdr report for civil engineer, and presentations of CDR/ KA02/ RPL as mentioned in the guidelines issued by the respected assessment authorities.

Here are the commonly repeated mistakes behind Cdr engineering Australia rejection:

  • Lack of professional technical expression in the career episodes along with the false mathematical calculations
  • Each career episode of cdr should be linked and coherent whereas many applicants try to write in few steps and do not conclude it properly
  • Each career episode should mainly focus on single project. Mentioning more than one project in single episode is another reason behind cdr engineering Australia rejection.
  • Your competency demonstration report will be rejected in a single moment if it is loaded with plagiarized material.

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